I’ve been working in podcasts – as a writer, editor, host, sound designer and producer – since about 2014. The majority of my contract work as of 2023 is in audio; here is a selection of some things I’ve worked on over the last number of years.

I created, research, write and host the (occasional) sound studies podcast Reasonably Sound.

Reasonably Sound

I co-created, DM, produce, edit and sound design the cyberpunk tabletop RPG podcast Fun City which is extremely fun and you should listen to it.

I co-created and host Never Post, a podcast about the internet

I’ve consulted, produced, and executive produced on a number of podcasts for media companies, including the Longreads Podcast:

The Future of StoryTelling Podcast:

I also co-developed, and currently co-produce RIP Corp:

I EP’d Solutions, from the American Chemical Society

and co-produced it’s followup, Tiny Matters: