For the first number of years I lived in New York, I made a living as a recording and mix engineer in live and studio settings. Starting in 2014, I began to put those skills to work in podcasting.

I created, research, write and host the (occasional) sound studies podcast Reasonably Sound.

Reasonably Sound

I co-created, DM, produce, edit and sound design the cyberpunk tabletop RPG podcast Fun City which is extremely fun and you should listen to it.

I’ve consulted, produced, and executive produced on a number of podcasts for media companies, including the Longreads Podcast.

And I’ve worked kinda all over the place with very small clients (universities, research groups, artists) and huge mega-corporations (sssh I can’t say) on their presence in the ~Podcast Market~ and helped them make stuff that was both 1) good and 2) earnest.