I have been writing, hosting and producing digital video in various capacities since 2007. I started out writing, hosting and producing for the original Know Your Meme series, most of which has been lost to the sands of internet-time.

I co-created, researched, wrote and hosted PBS Digital Studios second digital series Idea Channel – a show about understanding philosophy through popular culture, and vice versa.

I’ve hosted two Crash Course series, one on World Mythology and one on Theater. The goal of each Crash Course is to encapsulate an entire AP Course (or equivalent) into a series of videos, providing a teaching or study aid for large scale, academically relevant topics.

I’ve had the occasional appearance on Mental Floss.

I’ve written, produced, executive produced and been a creative lead on a bunch of digital video series made for media companies large and small – including Complexly, Duolingo, Atlas Obscura and Adobe.